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The family Lopez Duvernell, after more than 20 years experience in heating systems and potable water supplies, founded in 2000, by strong investment, the company Neupex to make for the Spanish market most of the elements of their systems in the purpose of providing top quality products, using the most modern machinery and an emphasis on quality control. 

In the first 10 years of activity the investment doubled, increasing the capacity of production of pipes up to 15 million meter/year. 

Also, a large part of the production processes and storage had been automated and robotized as well of raw material as of finished products.
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Activity description


Production of thermoplastic PEX and PERT pipes, according to regulations, assigned to heating conductions, air conditioning, hot sanitary water and regulation in PPSU, brass and stainless steel. 

This kind of high technology pipes permit the resolution of any hydraulic installation alternatively to traditional metallic pipes, because of the physical characteristics of the thermoplastic and thermostable polyethylenes. The characteristics leads to a high flexible material, improving substantially the pressure resistance and high temperatures, enduring up to 95º C with a useful life of more than 50 years. 

In the laboratory, a thorough analysis of both raw materials and the finished product. The pipes are controlled by sampling, with each label control referenced with production and quality. The quality of the pipes is certified by AENOR.


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Head office

Pol. Ind. “La Quinta”
Caminos de la Alovera, nº3
19179 Cabanillas del Campo
Guadalajara - Spain
Telf.: 0034 949 324 324
Fax : 0034 949 337 568 

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